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2007.09.12 9.0.0





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Vista Compatible Installation Released

The original installation package of Flight Tracker was designed prior to Windows Vista.  As a result, you may experience "odd" application behavior or you may not even be able to successfully install Flight Tracker.

Flight Tracker has been repackaged using a new installation tool that supports Windows Vista.  If you are running Windows Vista and have experienced a problem, we recommend that you try installing the new version.   

The new version 9.0.0 installation is available on the Downloads page.


Flight Tracker is an innovative Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000/2002/2004 Add-On that is much more than a flight log. 

Flight Tracker actively records detailed information for your flight.  Flight information is displayed real time on the ACARS screen while the aircraft is enroute.  At the completion of your flight, log it with one click! 




If you own or operate a Virtual Airline, check out the Virtual Airline SDK. 

We offer a free SDK that allows you to customize Flight Tracker for use with your operations.  Allow Flight Tracker to file PIREPS to your web server automatically and more! 




By using this software you are assuming all risks.

The same as if you choose to bet without considering the daily free ATS picks offered at Boyds Bets.




ACARS Flight Data Recorded from an Active Flight in Flight Simulator






ACARS Messages Received from Flight Enroute to it's Destination